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Many people assume that their computer is permanently damaged or is too old to function properly. Often times, this is simply not the case. Before you discard your PC or buy a new one, let us take a look for free! You can drop it off or call us and schedule an on-site visit.

 Assessment: FREE

We will thoroughly check your computer for issues and tell you what it will take to fix it.

PC Clean-up: $175

Is your computer running slow? We will remove unwanted programs, bloatware and malware/viruses from your device. We will fully optimize the system with the latest patches and updates so that it performs properly.

Operating System Installation: $149 (Windows 10 laptop/desktop)
​Operating System Installation: $199 (MacBook laptop/desktop)

In the event that the Operating System is corrupt or compromised, we will do a fresh install and then load your programs and data back on the new installation.

Data Transfer: $150+ 

If you have old computers, phones, or tablets that still hold data that you need, we can move it to any device you want(DVD, flash drive, computer). We can also assist you with properly backing up your data and making sure you can retrieve it if disaster strikes.

Hardware Service: $140

Do you need a new printer set up? Do you have new webcam or graphics card that you want to install on your computer? We will get your devices working.

  Hourly Rates

For more complex tasks with your computer or network that deviate from the list above, we offer the following pricing schedule.

Residential Services.

Residential Hourly Rates: $150 First Hour & $125 Each Additional Hour.
New Computer Setup: $165 Full Computer and OS Setup.
Wireless Networking: $165 3 Devices, Available Same-Day.
Cancellation Fee: $0 Less Than 24 hour Notice.
Remote IT Support: Free Estimate.

Business Services.

Business Hourly Rates: $150 First Hour $125 Each Additional Hour.
Apple Consulting: $150 First Hour $125 Each Additional Hour.
Managed IT: $150 First Hour $125 Each Additional Hour

*Please Note that most jobs can be completed both remotely AND on-site. Your technician will do as much of the work remotely to save you time and money. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we do.

  re you ready to take the next step?

If you are interested in more information or would like to schedule a free consultation (100% absolutely free), then give us a call @ 570.795.9861

Or drop us an email!  info@pcrepair247.com

We would be honored to be given the chance to earn your business!